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December 11, 2012
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December 11, 2012

Spinning Jewelry

This website was designed using Shopify. I took one simple theme and turned it into 5 stores in one with the main focus being Spinning Jewelry. The owner is based in Toronto and is the only distributor online selling in Canada.

A bit about the Spinning Jewelry line

Spinning Jewelry is synonymic for the concept of collector’s jewelry and is able to capture the trends and the personality of each single woman like no other piece of jewelry. You could also call them fashion accessories, but with the difference that the pieces from Spinning Jewelry are real jewelry, combining the ever changing trends of fashion with lots of value for money. The new collection embraces two of the most important themes of fashion: The pure and simple, “Pure”, and the experimental and magical, “Fairytale”.

The inspiration behind the design theme ”Pure”, Spinning Jewelry finds in simple but exclusive forms and processes, which we see everywhere in fashion. Light lines, bright colours, minimalism and surfaces with delicate structures to create an ultra feminine look, which matches the rings, earrings and charms of the Pure collection perfectly. The idea of white-in-white is seen in shiny silver, whereas pearls, stones and shiny enamel softens the gold with many details and colours from dusky pink to purple, pink, blue, white and black.

Behind the name ”Fairytale” stands the thought of magic in nature and our imagination. Flowers and birds, lace and graphic motives create the illusion of modern poetry and for the woman, happy to try new things; there are many ways to send a strong colour signal. Asymmetric forms and strong colours like blue, green, purple and dark coral take the 80s trend from last season into a new decade and make us all curious on creating new individual rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets for spring.