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December 17, 2012
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December 17, 2012

Making some quick cash maybe easier then you thought

Making some quick cash maybe easier then you thought

One of the first things that I always tell people looking to make some at home money is to look to your strengths. By that, I mean that if you have a desirable talent that other people might want to learn, use it to make money. I have had friends who play the piano and are bilingual and who give piano lessons and Spanish lessons, making good money doing so. I remember one of my friends actually decided to quit her job to give piano lessons full time, because she actually made more money doing that.

A lot of people are struggling financially these days and are looking for additional sources of revenue to earn some income. I know that several of my friends have second jobs that they go to when they get off of work, and it really wears them out and puts a strain on their marriages and family relationships. I have looked for ways to make at home money that does not require being away from my family, and somewhat surprisingly, I have found a number of ways to do just that.

Another great way to pick up some extra at home money is to look online for certain jobs that you can work from home. If you are a talented writer, there are often freelance writing opportunities online. I have seen jobs for people to set up hotel reservations online, which are not all that difficult to get as long as one has a phone and computer. I also know that there are a lot of telemarketing jobs that can be done at home, so if someone has the patience to do that, they can.

I have also found that a great way to make some at home money is to sell things on places like ebay. I had a friend who used to go out to local dollar stores and buy what would be collectibles in different parts of the country, but are plentiful here, like certain sports teams’ coffee mugs, for instance. He would buy 20 for a dollar, turn around and sell them on Ebay for $10 each, and make $200 within the span of a couple of weeks. It may not seem like much, but he had all kinds of products on there!

There are ways to make decent at home money, it just has to be approached in a way where a person is creative and plays to their strengths. I have worked for a number of years as a freelance writer for a local newspaper, and I make a decent supplemental income doing so. It just depends on what you know about and how much you are willing to put into it.

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