Black River
December 11, 2012

Apple Bites

I had this thought – What would happen if you mixed Frosted Flakes with Apple Jacks? At first my mind was thinking of a Green Tiger. But that wasn’t really what I wanted. Then for some reason I thought, well, what would happen if the Tiger hated apples… Then I saw a very angry tiger ripping apart an apple. Kind of neat – I’ll probably make something like that one day. But I wanted something sort of funny. Then it hit me! A Hungry Apple with the fangs of a Tiger! I started looking around web for something I could possibly use for the mouth – And I can across this really awesome angry tiger photo from ToddBIm at Flickr! Well the Tiger could have been yawning too. All those big teeth… I already had the apple made, so it was time to give it some life! And this is what I came up with! Hope you find it funny too!