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I'm a freelance web & graphic designer based in Ontario, CANADA. Working with computers and designing for web, media & print has been a passion of mine for over 15 years now. I've have had the great pleasure to work for numerous clients in Canada and overseas. Even one where my design made it to the red carpet!!

Obsessed with my love to create beautiful things and passionate about usability, I always strive to create websites that will keep balance between beauty and efficiency.

{Easy, fast and for a good price!}

Upfront and reliable pricing. No hidden fees and I will create what you require in your time frame at a great price. I will personally discuss everything with you in detail and I give updates regularly so you don't have to wonder or guess. You will see instant results!

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Programming skills in PHP
Coding skills in HTML/CSS
Premiere and After Effects
CMS Platforms
Programming skills in jQuery
Graphic designing
SEO, SEM & Campaigns